St. George Barn Quilt Trail

Have you seen them?  They're all over town.    The Barn Quilts!!!

The St. George Barn Quilt Trail is the lasting legacy of the St. George Bi-Centennial celebrations during 2014.   The blocks created by the Brant County 4-H club represent various aspects of the village's 200 years.  The designs include apples, artesian well, early industry, lilies, railroad and veterans. In addition, students from St. George-German School designed 4 quilt blocks: agriculture, barbershop, hockey and library.  Two additional designs, Carolinian forest and firefighters were designed by the 4-H Leaders.  So now there are a total of 12 designs for the St. George Barn Quilt Trail.

The 2' x 2' painted prototypes of these quilt blocks will be on display at this year's St. George AppleFest in the Memorial Hall.  So now you know what those new pictures on the sides of buildings are.

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